Employee Spotlight!

Our March spotlight of the month goes to Mike Schoen, Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition . The spotlight recognizes Mike’s commitment to Brace Software’s Technical and Business Success. He talked to us about how Brace has contributed to his professional growth as well as his impact on Brace.

What is your position and what does that entail?

Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition. I lead all Talent and HR functions here at Brace.

Tell me about your career before joining Brace and how you ended up here.

I began my career at an executive recruiting agency called Career Path Group. I worked with leading financial and tech companies tom place top tech talent here in NY. I moved on to a Fintech consulting firm where I ran the recruiting function. I was lucky enough to hire for all of our global offices which afforded me the chance to travel to different countries.

What is an exciting project you have been working on recently? What is your proudest professional accomplishment at Brace?

Currently working on executing all the hiring for Q1 here at Brace. We have a number of openings due to our unprecedented success in 2020. We are growing significantly and it is quite exciting!

What is your favorite part of working at Brace?

The culture. We have a very mission driven and inclusive culture here at Brace. Every day is different which is exciting

What is something you would want others to know about Brace?

Brace is a company that is looking to change the mortgage industry. We are building products that will help millions of people for decades to come

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

I am a huge sports and fitness fan. I regularly attend games and over this pandemic became a proud Peloton owner

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