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  • Mary Trigiani

    Mary Trigiani

    I like words, business, innovation, grace, art, fashion, the piano.

  • Raghu Gupta

    Raghu Gupta

  • Matthew Leybold

    Matthew Leybold

    Boston Consulting Group: Platinion Core Tech, Modern Architecture and Cyber Security | Army Officer - #Cloud #Cybersecurity #Cryptocurrency #BCG #Army

  • Catherine York Powers

    Catherine York Powers

  • хочу на ручки

    хочу на ручки

  • Sy Sussman

    Sy Sussman

  • Ramy Adeeb

    Ramy Adeeb

    General Partner @ 1984.vc, Founder @Snipit, Product Exec @yahoo, Principal @khoslaventures, head of enterprise eng @tellme- @ramyadeeb

  • Home Captain

    Home Captain

    Home Captain’s suite of products and services helps mortgage lenders increase capacity and conversions while improving retention and reducing runoff.

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